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Mississauga Has Great Potential, I Am The Leader Who Will Tap Into It.

Mississauga is my hometown. I grew up in Cooksville and I enjoyed my time in St. Gerard Elementary School from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, having been baptized right next door in St. Martin of Tours Church.

I recall Mississauga when the population was less than a third what it is today and my childhood here was fabulous.

I traveled through Canada and the United States in my 20’s learning how fortune 500 companies run and learning the even more intriguing art of private investigations work. There is a certain thrill that comes from exposing the criminal behavior of bad people.

After a long stint of working for large and small corporations North America wide, I returned to my hometown to enjoy the next phase of life, marriage, and fatherhood. My children are teenagers now enjoying high school, and they are now starting to understand the complexity of life as they are looking for work to save for cars and over-priced car insurance.

I have deep concerns about the direction of Mississauga since Hazel McCallion’s departure, and I must address them both as a journalist and the future mayor of the city. We have allowed lies, deceit, and political correctness to chase away businesses, investors, piece of mind and citizens.

Housing is unaffordable in Mississauga as is electricity. I will be addressing the issues of over-priced groceries, rent, business tax and electricity to bring a higher quality of life to our residents.

Jobs are coming back to my hometown under my leadership!

I plan to put the city back on track to tap into the vast potential that our fine city has to offer Ontario and the nation.


Kevin J. Johnston


If you want CHANGE in your city, DONATE to the Kevin J. Johnston Campaign!

My Priorities For Mississauga

  • I will Tackle the housing crisis. We need to build thousands of more homes for Mississauga residents and they must be affordable. Homes must be built first in the neighbourhoods of the city that presently have the proper infrastructure to handle the new populace. I will be ambitious and set my goal of making 50% of new homes affordable allowing renters to have a better deal.


  • I am going to make Mississauga safer. Knife, gun and violent crime have risen greatly in the last 3 years. I will work closely with police to tackle gangs, domestic terror groups and knife crime, gun crime, and extremism. The police will no longer have interference from city hall and will be encouraged to use modern policing and investigation methods to bring Mississauga’s out of control crime back under control.


  • We must freeze Mississauga Transit/MiWay fares for four years and introduce 4-hour transfers from the time you request it. I’ll be fixing bus routes and bus scheduling to ensure no more wasted fuel, and fewer empty busses blocking traffic. We’ll offset costs by aggressively selling advertising space on, in and around all transit terminals. Mississaugans will not pay a penny more for their travel in 2022 than they do today.


  • I will be the most pro-business Mayor yet, working in partnership with industry to deliver on skills, infrastructure, and growth. I want Mississauga residents to be gainfully employed and I want our local businesses making money with less red-tape and government interference.


  • Address the infrastructure and traffic issues in Mississauga. Construction projects that delay traffic will have strict deadlines, Traffic lights will be timed on major routes to move traffic safely and efficiently through town at peak hours. The LRT plan will be revisited as it has numerous objections from residents and it will cause more than a decade of delays in our city under the current plan.


  • The Lord's Prayer is returning to Mississauga City Hall when I am Mayor. This nation was founded on Judaeo-Christian values and we are going to return to our core values and restore Canadian Culture to my hometown.



If you want CHANGE in your city, DONATE to the Kevin J. Johnston Campaign!